Patented Proven Performance

Burner Dynamics, Inc. (BDI) designs and manufactures ultra-high efficiency, low NOx natural gas burners for industrial boilers and furnaces.  BDI’s patented burner design delivers industry-leading NOx reductions coupled with significant fuel savings and lower combustion noise.  The unique vortex mixing technology utilized in BDI burner designs produces NOx reductions up to 40-50% and fuel savings typically in the range of 10% when compared to traditional-design burners operating with natural gas fuel.  Both independent 3rd party as well as post-installation tests have confirmed these results.  No other industrial gas burner on the market today can achieve these results in as cost-effective a manner.

Burner Dynamics has traditionally served the metals industries and select industrial boiler retrofits.  However, due to recently enacted Federal Clean Air Standards, BDI is now poised to expand into the power generation markets.

Burner Dynamics burners are UL and CE certified.  To learn more about the unique, patented technology designed into BDI burners, please click on the How It Works tab above.  Thank you for visiting our website.

Low NOx Technology Burners by Burner Dynamics

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