we sell fuel efficiency

with cleaner and lower emissions

Burner Dynamics, Inc., designs and manufactures ultra-high efficiency, low NOx industrial gas burners that can be retrofitted into most existing burner systems of most manufacturers with minimal impact to existing equipment and operations. Burner Dynamics, Inc. sells the only patented (1 US patent and 7 foreign patents) burner design that can produce actual fuel savings greater than 15% in conjunction with as much as 80% reduction in Nox as documented by independent third party tests. No other industrial gas burner on the market today can compare to this burner.

savings and efficiency

made in the USA, primarily by veterans

Burner Dynamics, Inc., is now making the savings and environmental efficiency of this burner system available nationally and internationally. Thank you for visiting our web site. We hope it will demonstrate to you the savings and efficiency that can be achieved in your operation. Please contact us if we can provide further information or arrange a meeting at your plant location.

Tibbs Golladay, PE