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how we save you green

burner dynamics replaces all traditional burner designs

The basic burner design has not changed since the late 1800's when gas was plentiful and emissions were not a problem. The generic design consists of gas being piped into the combustion chamber along with an adequate supply of combustion air and the mixture is then ignited. The association of fuel molecules with sufficient oxygen molecules is purely random.

The result is that some gas molecules have sufficient oxygen molecules for stoichiometric combustion while others are associated with the remaining nitrogen or the products of combustion in the combustion air stream until oxygen and heat are found and combustion then takes place.

...and all contemporary burner designs as well

Most high efficiency and/or low NOx burner designs today strive to control and optimize gas and air flows in order to obtain stoichiometric combustion. This is accomplished by installing exotic combustion sensors in the exhaust along with expensive software and hardware that ultimately control only the gas and air valves. We Use No Oxy Fuels. Oxy fuel systems require additional capital investment to generate the oxygen on site or to store the gas once delivered. Additional maintenance is required to maintain the new equipment. If the oxygen is generated on site, emissions must be considered as well as the power costs to operate the oxygen generator.

no renovation

Other designs require extensive renovation and additional plant space to the existing system requiring additional maintenance. Our Solution is Unique. Unlike other burner improvements Burner Dynamics addresses the combustion process, not the exhaust monitoring and control process. Burner Dynamics burner utilizes a low velocity vortex generator internal to the burner which thoroughly mixes the gas fuel and combustion air on ratio immediately prior to ignition in the combustion chamber. The result is a better association of fuel molecules with available oxygen molecules rather than the remaining nitrogen or products of combustion that result from the combustion.

the secret is in the mix

Burner Dynamics burners achieve greater efficiency by thoroughly mixing the fuel and combustion air immediately prior to combustion. It is not a pre-mix burner, but achieves greater fuel efficiency similar to a pre-mix burner. It is not a nozzle mix burner, but the mixing and combustion takes place at the nozzle.

the result: maintenance-free savings

Burner Dynamics burners require a simple modification to the internals of the existing burners and require no maintenance since there are no moving parts and no chemical additives. The result is a reliable retrofit that reduces fuel consumption and requires no maintenance once installed.